Born and raised in Southern California, it is no surprise that Aaron Parazette is an avid surfer. He attended the University of South Florida in the late 1980s and later returned to California for gradute school at Claremont. After receiving a Core Fellowship from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston he settled in Texas.

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Without a beach in his backyard, Parazette clearly misses his sport. His latest body of work includes letters spelling words familiar to surfers. Composing each work first on a computer, Parazette chooses a word and then bends, stretches, flips and elongates the letters. He then paints them onto a canvas using a custom color palette. Veteran text painters Christopher Wool and Richard Prince come to mind when trying to decipher what these paintings say. Parazette, however, disguises his words on purpose by jumbling and reversing the letters. The construction of these paintings recalls the stripe paintings of Frank Stella in the 1960s. The end result is a sleek body of clever work that has a nice humor about it.


Parazette has shown multiple times at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston as well as the The Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea; Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum; The Galveston Arts Center; and The New Orleans Museum of Art to name a few. He had a solo exhibition at the 2005 ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid


Availability of Work
Prazette just opened a show this week. Waitlists and reserves are in full force but a few works are within tag-arts' reach if you have interest.

We were surprised that pricing is well within reason for a young painter. Small works (40" x 40") are $9,000, medium pieces (up to 70" x 64") are under $15,000 and the largest works are $20-$24,000. We like the work and especially at these prices. The smallest pieces are great value.

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