Every year,  the Chihuly Workshop collaborates with Dale Chihuly to create four unique Studio Editions. Each piece is drawn from one of the distinctive series of works Chihuly has created throughout his career. Vibrant and dynamic, the Studio Editions are offered through museums, galleries, and other organizations across the country and abroad as well as at the Workshop. 

 All  these editions are handblown, signed by the artist, and accompanied by a Plexiglas vitrine and black base for display. Studio Editions vary in size, color, and shape. Small blemishes or imperfections in the glass are part of the glassblowing process and add to the individual characteristics of each piece.

 All pieces below are from the early 2000's and are retired, no longer available from the Workshop or galleries. But TAG ARTS is offering them here....

Below are the specific details on each one.

Contact TAG ARTS if you are interested in getting more information or you would like to purchase all or one of these gorgeous works.


  Carnival Macchia, 2004

 "Robust," "daring," "textured," and "vibrant" are all words that describe Dale Chihuly's Macchia Series. Spurred by a desire to incorporate all colors into his work, Chihuly created a series that dazzles with color juxtapositions. "With them I felt for the first time that a piece of glass held its own in a room," says Chihuly of this dynamic series. The surface of Carnival Macchia is a frenzy of color. Dabs of blue, yellow, red, and green cross the exterior of the undulating body. A green lip outlines the serpentine mouth of the piece. The lip follows the body, bowing dramatically to allow full view into the bright yellow interior. This magical work measures approximately nine inches in height. 


  Moroccan Macchia Pair, 2003

 Moroccan Macchia Pair revels in speckles and contrasts. Measuring eleven inches across, this stunning pair celebrates Chihuly's interest in combining more than one element and many colors into his work. A brilliant rose red floods the interior, while buttery yellows dapple the exterior. Multicolored spots and a thin deep red body wrap add dimension to the surface, while a moss green lip-wrap captures the billowing outline of both elements. 



Tango Red Persian Pair, 2004

 Tango Red Persian Pair embodies the passionate verve of the artist's Persian Series. Hot red lines wrap around the fluted bodies of the two handblown elements, coiling out to confront contrasting turquoise lip-wraps. Embraced within the larger form, the smaller element asserts itself on a spherical foot. Both pieces seem to sway as they interact with light. This beautiful work measures approximately eleven inches across. Tango Red Persian articulates Chihuly's delight in the lively tensions that can be expressed in glass, and in the diverse possibilities of composition in the Persian series. 



Tiger Lily Seaform Pair, 2002                   

"People for centuries have been fascinated with glass-it's the most magical of materials," says Dale Chihuly, whose glass sculptures have redefined conventions in form and the limits of molten glass. The improvisations that shape Chihuly's organic and free-flowing Seaform Series require split-second decisions and a fully mastered understanding of the medium's dependence on specific heat and gravity. Tiger Lily Seaform Pair represents the animated biomorphic quality inherent in this magnificent series. The fiery red and orange patterning of this two-part piece reflects the startling color palette one might encounter in tropical waters. The artwork measures approximately 10" x 10" x 5" and has a turquoise lip-wrap that accentuates the fluidity of both pieces. 



Blue Sky Basket Set, 2004

Chihuly's penchant for combining elements together to create a whole is delicately expressed in the handblown Blue Sky Basket Set. The ethereal transparency of the piece invites marvel. Two pale blue vessels with black lip-wraps yield to gravity, their transparent forms exhibiting the subtle characteristics of Chihuly's Basket Series. One piece seems to float inside the other while fine lip-wraps arc across the composition, adding a refined sense of grace to this 2004 Studio Edition.

Blue Sky Basket Set measures approximately eight inches in height. 


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