Glenn Deneve, Star Struck, 2015, UV protective resin and acrylic mediums
Glenn Deneve was born in Bruges, Belgium.
His parents were both artistic and influential to him early on in the world of art, so it is no surprise that their profound impact made him become fascinated and inspired with art at a very young age. From childhood Glenn was drawn to the United States and the creative vibe of California. In 1997 Glenn moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. Glenn's exploration of bright colors and textures is integral to the process he has developed and used over the years. His work is characterized in a combination of acrylic paint, different mediums, watercolors and ink on either canvas or wooden frames. Glenn's work has been placed in important collections in the U.S, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary and Israel. In 2013 Glenn was commissioned to make 25 unique pieces to be placed in Zurich's most prestigious residences. Most recently, Eli and Edythe Broad acquired a painting of his for their private residence.

Maxine Smith, The Artist, 2005, oil on canvas
Maxine Smith grew up in New York City, finding inspiration in the people riding the city's buses and subways. The faces of everyday people have now found their way into her intimate, painterly portraits. Smith describes herself as an observer, whose interest in faces led her to explore their representation in her art. Smith's work often deals with portrayals of strangers, posed in unusual positions with much emotion and mystery behind their eyes. She tends to manipulate the stereotypically beautiful in favor of more nuance, character, and life experience in order to re-imagine a person's visage. 
Billy Morrison, Fight War Not Wars, 2015, acrylic on canvas
Billy Morrison is one of the few rock-and-roll musicians who can truly say he made it all the way to the top from the very bottom. Twenty years ago, Billy was homeless and close to death. Today he is on the road with Billy Idol in support of the new Idol album. While on the road, Billy uses his free time to hone the creative energy in his head.  Wanting to further express himself artistically, Morrison picked up paint and canvas for the first time in his life in 2014. Without a lesson or a class under his belt, he proceeded to paint prolifically for most of the year and has now amassed a body of work that has found a customer base that appreciates his darker introspective imagery. His jigsaw paintings depict the missing pieces in his life that he seeks to fill with a more visionary perspective