new york art fairs round-up

A few weeks ago, New York City played host to a number of art fairs kicking off the new Spring season. Here are our top picks of artists to watch:



Ivana Brenner is a young South American artist who lives and works in Buenos Aires. Her work lies somewhere between sculpture and painting as she uses solidified paint to create her tactile three-dimensional pieces.




Israeli-born Ori Gersht's latest project includes freezing and then hard-wiring floral arrangements, blowing them up, and then catching the explosion on film.




Another artist who works with flowers is Portia Munson. She grows them in her own garden and then arranges them on a scanner in meticulous combinations of form and color. Time is of the essence in this work so the flowers do not wilt before the composition is complete.




Jeffrey Milstein's photographs are fascinating. Although they appear to be pictures of model airplanes, they are actually real aircraft captured just before landing at Los Angeles International Airport. Despite the fact they are traveling at over 200 mph, the images are sharp and precise. Milstein then uses Photoshop to remove the sky in order to highlight the symmetry of the machinery.




In Yuken Teruya's sculptures, the delicate branches carefully cut out by hand fall out just enough from all sides of his chosen medium, whether it be a mass-produced shopping bag or cardboard tubes. The trees remain attached to the original source in order to create depth from the shadows cast by the reflection of light off the work.




Mindy Shapero uses found objects in her works on paper. They are made with simple materials including buttons, beads and sequins. Shapero then uses spray paint to obtain silhouetted shapes of the objects.




These mosaic montages, created by famed rock-and-roll photographer Lynn Goldsmith, are made up of over 2,000 thumbnail images that are then strategically placed to create a larger iconic image.



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